The Rainbow Brite Giant Card Game is a card game based on the Hallmark Cards character Rainbow Brite.

The game was released in 1983 by the Western Publishing Company.

Game DescriptionEdit

The object of the game is to win all of the cards & each player is eliminated when they have no cards left.

Game InstructionsEdit

The entire deck is dealt out to each player and the cards are stacked facedown. The first player turns over his or her top card and places in the center of the table.

If the card is a Color Kid or Rainbow Brite, play continues to the next player on the left. If the card is a forfeit card, the next player must take the number of cards specified and put them in the center of the table.

If the cards turned up are all Color Kids, the player who played the forfeit wins all of the cards and adds them to their stack (facedown).

If a card is turned up for payment is another forfeit, the next player to the left must now pay that forfeit.

Play continues until payment is made without turning up a forfeit card and the last forfeit card played wins the pile.